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Dough Boy

Our most downloaded app, Dough Boy, celebrates the long tradition of the Dough Boy! For 45 years the Dough Boy has delighted men, women, and children of all ages with his delightful cooking and adorable laugh. Now you can enjoy the dough boy yourself! Simply poke him in his belly to hear his lovable laugh. It’s sure to make you giggle!
Dough Boy is available now for free on the Official App Catalog!


Congress is the must have application that allows anyone to be an informed, involved citizen. Whether you are a politician, journalist, a political junkie, or even a registered voter, Congress will allow you to keep in touch with what is going on in your government.
Congress is available now on the Official App Catalog!

National Debt

Curious about the National Debt? Now you can get the official amount of the U.S. Government’s national debt every day, right on your phone! National Debt uses the official Treasury daily published amount to give you the up-to-the-penny total of the National Debt. It even includes an option to send the most recent debt total via text or email, so you can keep your friends and family updated!
National Debt is available now for free on the Official App Catalog!

My Pets

Love your pet? My Pets helps you keep track of your furry friends’ vital information! Going out of town? Forget about writing long lists for your pet’s babysitter! With My Pets, you can send an email with all your pet’s care instructions at the touch of a button! You can also track vet visits, medications, exercise, grooming, and more right on your phone!
My Pets is available now on the Official App Catalog!

Utah Traffic

Frustrated at the slow-moving traffic on I-15? Worried about snow driving through the canyon? Planning that ski trip for this weekend? Let all your worries melt away with Utah Traffic. Utah Traffic delivers up to the minute traffic information in a beautiful, easy to use interface that every Utah driver will love!
Utah Traffic is available now on the Official App Catalog!