Now you can have a wealth of information on every member of the United States Congress in your pocket!
Congress is the must have application that allows anyone to be an informed, involved citizen. Whether you are a politician, journalist, a political junkie, or even a registered voter, Congress will allow you to keep in touch with the politics that are going on in your government.

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Compatible with Palm Pre and Pixi.
Requires webOS 1.3.5 or higher.

Congress features an easy to use, intuitive interface that allows you to view all of Congress, or either chamber individually. All the information in the app can be updated at any time, which means that after an election you don’t have to wait for an app update – you can get the latest information, all the time!

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Congress includes a full, up to date listing of every member of the United States Congress.

Filter the list to view only members of the House of Representatives.

Alternatively, filter the list to view only members of the Senate.

Mark legislators to keep track of in your own custom watchlist. Add as many or as few as you like.

Listing data is stored on the device, so even if you don’t have an active data connection, you can still get your legislator’s information.

Don’t know who your legislators are? Use the GPS or simply enter your zip code to automatically find your Representative and Senators!

Sort lists by name, state, or party.

Lists are fully searchable as well. Simply start typing, and Congress will filter the currently selected list by name, state, party, title, or chamber.

The idea is to make it easy to access information about and communicate with those that represent you in government.

Get up to date statistics on Congress as a whole.

See how many Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are in each chamber.

Get a full bio on every legislator, including:

  • Photo
  • Birthdate/Birthplace
  • Family Information
  • Home City/State
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Professional History
  • Political History

Track how long every legislator has been in office. Find dates for the official’s initial election to that position, most recent election, and the next re-election.

Get complete contact information, including:

  • Address
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • WebMail

Congress gives links to each legislator’s website & OpenCongress page.

Find official YouTube channels for every legislator that has one.

Find official Twitter accounts for every legislator that has one.

Get every legislator’s committee membership information.

Review each committee’s jurisdiction.

Includes complete committee contact information.

Track committee legislator memberships and roles.

Congress provides excerpts from news stories pulled from a variety of sources that mention the legislator. Any story can be tapped to view the full text of the story.

Congress provides excerpts from blog posts pulled from a variety of sources that mention the legislator. Any story can be tapped to view the full text of the story.

Congress provides legislative and voting statistics, including voting percentages and number of sponsored bills.

See how any legislator voted on a given piece of legislation.

Tap on a vote to see detailed information on each bill, including:

  • Official Title
  • Date of Introduction
  • Sponsor
  • Vote History

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